Rent a car in Budva and enjoy your holiday

Those who have properties in Montenegro or just want to have a pleasant and “independent” trip will certainly appreciate the opportunity to rent a car in Budva. This service has many advantages:

  • You don’t need to rely on public transport.
  • Having rented a car you become its “owner” for a certain period of time and then get rid of it without any trouble.
  • There is no need to call a taxi and wait for it every time you want to go somewhere.
  • To rent a car in Budva is rather inexpensive, so everybody can afford it.

There are a number of similar services in Montenegro, but ours is a bit different because we have taken into consideration all our clients’ requirements.

Rent a car in Budva – the benefits

We have carefully studied people’s wishes and created an online rental car service that meets all of them:

  • You can get the car you have chosen. Its detailed description is given on the website.
  • You can rent a car immediately.
  • You are sure to get the specific car (not the “equivalent” or any car of the same class).
  • When you book a car we ask only for a small advance payment (not more than 20% of the rental price).
  • You can get all the details (how to rent a car, required documents, the amount of payment etc.) on the website.
  • You don’t need to pay commissions and agent’s fees.
  • The system we created combines many car rental companies’ offers and contains more than 600 cars.

We cooperate with trustworthy companies and offer the best conditions of car hire in Budva.

What you should do to rent a car in Budva

We made car rental as quick and easy as possible. You only have to:

  1. indicate booking dates and desired delivery and return cities;
  2. choose the right car and book it;
  3. give your contact information;
  4. pay in advance by a credit card.

After your request is processed (it takes a few minutes) you will be sent an email with a voucher. Since that moment the car is yours.

Documents required

For car rental in Budva the following documents are required:

  • Any driving license.
  • The voucher you were sent (it is not necessary to print it, you can show it on screen).
  • Your international passport.

You pay the full amount for the rent on the spot (except the sum of the advance payment) and a deposit which is returned after we get the car back (if there are no complaints to the condition of the vehicle). The deposit is paid and returned in cash.

Car rental in Budva: process

The process of car hire in Budva is as follows:

  • The rental manager meets you. If you miss each other, call the manager (the phone number is in the voucher) or wait while he calls you.
  • You are walked to the parking lot where your vehicle is waiting for you.
  • You examine it and note the damages (if found) in the document.
  • You sign the rental agreement.

After the manager receives the payment you get the keys and start your voyage.

When you rent a car in Budva you should keep in mind some details to avoid misunderstandings.

Not more than 2 drivers can be stated in the agreement. Give the manager both drivers’ details.

If you are going to travel outside Montenegro, tell the manager what countries you will visit – they must be noted in the agreement.

The document that gives you the right to use the car is a standardized and notarized rental agreement with a unique number. It is written in 2 languages – English and Montenegrin and contains conditions, key terms and all necessary details and data.

It is possible to rent the car both at the airport and in the city of Budva.

Car rental in Budva is a unique service created in order to make tourists’ vacation more comfortable. If you find our offer attractive, fill in the form on the website. You will receive the answer as soon as possible.

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