The Village of Njeguši (Montenegro)

For lovers of untouched nature, eco-friendly products of their own production, and interesting historical locations, the village of Njeguši in Montenegro is worth visiting. Locals here live just as their ancestors did many centuries ago, and tourists arriving here feel as if they have found a time machine and have been transported to the distant past. In this article, I will tell you what is interesting about the village of Njeguši and what local cuisine dishes you should try.

Why You Should Visit the Village of Njeguši

Njeguši village is a unique place, one of the main attractions of Montenegro. The village is located in the south of the country at the foot of Mount Lovćen. It represents a living monument of history. Just a few days of rest in these places will allow you to find harmony, relax, and temporarily forget about everyday worries and problems.

Interesting Facts about the Village and Its Inhabitants:

  • The village has about 700 residents; everyone knows each other and lives like one big family.
  • From time to time, the village hosts performances and national dances – a great opportunity for tourists to better understand the culture and customs of the people.
  • You can stay in the village at any time of the year; travelers are rented separate houses.
  • This village is the birthplace of the ruling dynasty of Petrović-Njegoš, including Petar II Petrović-Njegoš.

Today, in the 21st century, people in Njeguši still live as in the Middle Ages. Although some small details in the household have acquired modern features, the overall picture remains unchanged. This is a great opportunity not only to see how people lived before but also to fully immerse yourself in an interesting historical period, living the life of a medieval person for a few days.

Montenegrin Cuisine: Prosciutto

The village of Njeguši is the birthplace of prosciutto, a dish that began to be prepared here several centuries ago. Prosciutto is a pork ham that is specially dried in high mountain conditions. The entire preparation process takes about a year, and the finished hams are stored in cellars where it is cold and dark. The recipe for prosciutto is passed down from generation to generation, but only among men, as it is believed that only a man can prepare this dish. Locals believe that the unique taste of the meat is achieved due to the special microclimate of the valley and is acquired not during cooking, but during drying. Drying takes place over several months to a couple of years at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level.

Tourists coming to Njeguši can try dishes of local cuisine and feel the taste of a completely natural product, prepared according to ancient recipes. For some, the taste of local dishes becomes a real shock – no chemicals and dyes, everything is 100% real, homemade.

You can try and buy real homemade prosciutto only in Njeguši. The meat sold in coastal stores is not the same.

In the village, there are several small restaurants, often the owner of the establishment works as a waiter, and therefore can tell a lot of interesting things about the selected dishes and the village.

Also, in the village, they prepare butter and cheese, grape vodka, honey, mead. And all – according to old recipes and only from natural ingredients. When planning to leave, it is worth buying cheese, prosciutto, honey, and other products to take them with you. They are sold almost in every yard. Prosciutto here is cut right in front of you and packed in vacuum bags.

What to See in the Village of Njeguši

The village will be interesting for both adults and children, as it is a historical museum under the open sky.

When arriving in Njeguši, it is worth planning a route in advance and deciding what you must see on the trip.

  • The museum, located in the ancestral home of the Petrović-Njegoš. It will be especially interesting for those who study history or just love interesting facts about the past.
  • Lovćen. Here three locations are combined at once – the mausoleum, the mountain, and the national park. All this is located a few kilometers from the village, so on the way, you can enjoy picturesque views of nature. The main point of the route – Boka Kotorska Bay. From an altitude of over 1600 meters above sea level, breathtaking views open up.
  • The high-mountain city of Cetinje is another location you can visit nearby. Once Cetinje was the capital of Montenegro, but soon it was moved to another place due to the small size of the town. It is almost impossible to expand living space in the mountains. The peculiarity of the town – neat, small houses.

You can also visit two fortresses nearby – Gorazda and Kosmac. There are no guided tours here, so you can only get there on your own. It is most convenient to rent a car for traveling around Montenegro.

Walking through the streets of the village will also bring a lot of impressions, the main thing is not to forget the camera to capture the beauty of the village and the surrounding nature.

How to Get There

The village of Njeguši is located in the territory of the Lovćen National Park, it is best to go here by car. You can call a taxi from Kotor or Cetinje, but the trip will cost more than renting a car for a whole day. You can also go to the village as part of a tour, by bus, but then you will depend on the timing of the group.

Recommendations for Drivers Before Booking a Car:

  • To ensure the trip goes smoothly, when renting a car, make sure that the car is suitable for mountain trips. Be sure to choose a high-powered car with an engine capacity of at least 1.6 liters.
  • When receiving the car, it is worth taking a video or photo of it.
  • You will have to drive along a high-mountain serpentine, so you should soberly assess your driving skills. If you have no previous experience of this kind, it is better to call a taxi or go on a tour bus. The places where the road passes are sparsely populated, so calling a repair service and asking for help will be extremely difficult.
  • For the same reason, it is important to refuel the car with gasoline in advance and with a reserve.

The road passes through very picturesque places, so passengers not engaged in driving will be able to fully enjoy the views even before they find themselves in the village of Njeguši. And along the way, you can make stops to capture the local beauties and yourself against their background.

If you want to spend a wonderful weekend or even relax for a week or two in the mountains and breathe the cleanest air, you should rent a car, go to Njeguši, and book a free house. The locals are very hospitable, they will definitely tell you where and what is located, what dishes to try, and also share their stories about life without modern gadgets and the blessings of civilization.

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