What’s the Purpose of This Website?

Montenegro is a perfect place to drive around in a car. There are lots of benefits: small distances, wide road network, good road conditions, picturesque landscapes and views even in the most remote corners.

Nevertheless, it isn’t that easy to find a comprehensive and well-structured reference. Also, there are no special car travel guides, and online you will find only sporadic travel reports. I’ve decided to fill this vacuum, creating this website about car travel in Montenegro.

Here I tell about interesting routes and curious places, provide recommendations on when and where to go, what’s important on the trip, cover necessary preparations and preferred course of action in various circumstances. In short, here’s everything you need to travel around Montenegro by car.

Here, you will find almost no elaborate historic references about places of interest, cities and towns, or Montenegro in general. I also have no goal of describing the cuisine, the culture, traditions, or beliefs. Many good books are published on that, there are many websites, travel guides, articles etc. My goal is to help you decide on what’s more interesting for you in Montenegro, describe the best ways to get there, and organize the most amazing trip around this wonderful and beautiful country.

About the author: Kirill A.

As many before me, I fell in love with Montenegro at first sight. It happened in 2006. Since then, my bond with this country has only strengthened. Since the beginning until now I’m working in travel business: from a tour guide to a head of tour guide department at a travel company. Moreover, it’s my hobby as well. I love the country, and it never ceases to amaze me with its new and unseen wonders. This website is a way for me to share the treasures I’ve found and my love for Montenegro. I hope this was looks promising for you.

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    molim, kad hocu kola u cetvertak moram da radim rezervaciju u srijedu, ili mogu doci u cetvrtak direktno bez rezervaciji?
    Za sto jos neznam sigurno da li meni treba kola.

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