Airport transfer in Montenegro

There are more than 200 taxi companies in Montenegro. However, only a few of them provide a quality service. If you booked your transfer from Tivat or Podgorica airport, you will be met by a driver at arrivals.They will help you with your luggage and drive you to the hotel.

The price is agreed when you book and is not subject to change. It is a good idea to book in advance.

You can order a taxi directly from a taxi company. Just call the numbers below to book. The operators speak English.

1,00 €/км
0,45 €/km
DestinationPrice (departing from Tivat)Price (departing from Podgorica)
Sveti Stefan24€26€
Herceg Novi45€60€

* Alo Taxi prices are approximate, based on the distance between the locations. Final price is determined by the meter. Terrae Taxi prices are destination-fixed.

If you are not planning to rent a car in Montenegro, then you can order a transfer in Montenegro in advance via the Internet
Более 82% наших клиентов экономят на трансферах и такси, заказывая получение и возврат прокатного автомобиля в аэропорту!

Taxis in Montenegro

There are two kinds of taxi service in Montenegro: private taxis (owner-drivers) and taxi ranks. Both types of cars have meters, provide official prices per km. The cars are in good condition and you they are a safe option.

The difference between private drivers and taxi companies is only in their pricing and way of ordering them.

Private taxis offer significantly higher rates than larger taxi companies, but you can bargain and suggest a fixed price in advance. Depending on your negotiation skills the price can drop by 20-50%. You can call a private taxi only by calling the owner’s mobile number or just by meeting him at a taxi rank. Taxi ranks in Montenegro can be found at the centre of every town and in the most busy streets. Private drivers meet you at arrivals in any airport in Montenegro and ask ‘Taxi nada?’ (Want a taxi?).

Montenegro Taxi companies are significantly less expensive. They offer fixed rates and adhere to the price on the meter. There is no bargaining, but you do not have to worry about being ripped off. All taxi companies in Montenegro has its own rate that slightly differs from the competitors. Best parks operate 50+ cars, all in good condition. You can call a taxi service in Montenegro by a short number, usually it is displayed on their cars. Operators often speak English and sometimes Russian.

If you call a taxi in Montenegro using your own SIM in roaming mode, add the Montenegro area code +382 before the short number. For example, calling 19696 with a Russian SIM will look like this: +38219696.


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