Rent a car in Tivat

If you rent your car with us, you’ve probably submitted your name and flight number during booking. Rental managers will meet you at the arrival lounge (usually with a card that has your name on it).

If you don’t see the card, there’s no need to be desperate. Your voucher (sent by email) contains the manager’s phone number. Likewise, the manager has the phone number you’ve provided during booking. You can simply call each other.
Note that in years of operation we’ve never had a case where the customer couldn’t find the manager.

How to rent a car in Tivat?

If your flight is late, notify your manager in a text message. In summer, dozens of flights arrive each day, so the managers have to keep check of many cars at once. They might miss some flights’ updates in the arrival schedule. Anyway, we try to serve the car not simply by the time you’ve appointed initially. Following the updates, we will serve it by the time of your arrival if possible.

After meeting you, the manager will walk you to the parking lot with your car.
You’ll need the following:

  • lease holder’s foreign passport,
  • regular national licenses of the drivers (up to 2 drivers can be assigned in the agreement).
    International licenses aren’t required by the Montenegrin law, just like in any other countries that entered the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic.
  • Lease voucher that was sent to you by us via email (you can display it on smartphone or tablet).

Lease Acquisition Process

Car Examination

When you rent a car at the airport, you’re naturally inclined to move on with your trip. Still, please spend a few minutes to examine your car. While inspecting it from the outside, note any damages or faults to the manager. They must be noted in the agreement on the car chart. The same chart will be used when you will return the car.

Note that rental companies in Montenegro usually don’t try to milk their clients for imagined damage. Vice versa, the managers often prefer to ignore smaller faults. Still, if the car is a new or a luxury one, any scratch will matter.

Signing the Rental Agreement at the Airport

There’s no difference with the office procedure. Any agreement forms in Montenegro are standardized, verified by state agencies, and any form has a unique number. The rental agreement contains the lease holder’s details, car details, rental term and prices. This is the document that provides you with the right to operate the vehicle.

If you want to have two drivers, notify the manager, who will add the second driver’s details to the agreement. No more than 2 drivers are allowed.

If you aim to exit Montenegro, note countries that you intent to visit, so the manager makes a special note in the agreement. Don’t forget to do this, because border guards will make a note of it.


As a rule, payment is made in cash. Only a few companies operate mobile POS terminals outside their offices. If you don’t have enough cash on your hands, there’s always an ATM available at the airport. The deposit is always paid in cash. If you return the car in the same condition you’ve rented it and there are no disputes, the deposit is returned, also in cash.

After all that, you receive your keys and can start the trip.

Car Rental in the City

Beside the airport, you can rent the car in the city of Tivat. The tourists are not as numerous here as in Budva or Bar, so you will not see many Rent a Car signs. Still, you can rent a car with us to have it traveled to you in Tivat. If the lease exceeds 3-7 days (depending on the car type), the delivery can even be free.

The most popular car rental places in Tivat:
• Bus station (between the city and the airport)
• ECO gas station in the city
• Hotel Palma
• Prova restaurant at the quay

You can have your car delivered to any other place in Tivat as well. But to be sure the client and the manager will find each other easily, will usually aim at these landmarks. Any of these can be quickly found on the map or around the city.

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