Rent a Car in Podgorica

You decided to have a rest in Podgorica or, maybe, you have a business trip but you’d prefer to be independent in your movement and you don’t want to rely on public transport. Well, in such a case renting a car in Podgorica is the best decision.

Where to rent a car in Podgorica

At present we are among the leading and well-known car rental services in Montenegro though similar ones exist as well. More than 15 thousand people have already used our service since 2012 and we have got over 3000 positive comments about our work.

So, what advantages of our car rental service in Podgorica are mentioned by the majority of our customers?

  • A great variety of different vehicles: you can get the car you need from Audi to Volkswagen. In total we offer more than 600 cars.
  • You can rent a car in Podgorica at the lowest cost in Montenegro because you won’t have to pay commissions or agent’s fees: we have got a great data base with the contacts of credible car rental companies.
  • Our service is practically unique: you rent a particular car the detailed description of which is given alongside with its photo. Other services usually offer to choose only the class of the vehicle or its type.
  • You can hire a car in Podgorica without waiting for a long time.
  • You don’t have to pay the full cost of the vehicle on booking, but only a small advance payment.

Due to these benefits our service has been successfully working for already several years. If you want to plan and organize your rest or business yourself, you’ll highly appreciate it.

How to rent a car in Podgorica

Car rental in Podgorica is not difficult. All you need to do is:

  • Select the booking dates and the locations of delivery and return (places or towns may be different) at the green search bar. The system will automatically choose the cars you need according to your relevant booking price.
  • After choosing the car, book it immediately. You must:
    • select the precise time and place of delivery/return;
    • specify your contact data;
    • make the prepayment.

Remember paying attention to the insurance type and the sum of the refundable deposit.

You’ll get a confirmation email with a voucher for your car hire in Podgorica containing all the necessary details, booking data and the information about the rental company: its name, address and telephone number. From this moment on the car is booked for you and it will be waiting for you in the place of delivery you have indicated.

Car delivery and examination

So, when you arrive at Podgorica, the car rental company will already deliver your car to the place you have chosen beforehand. What documents are required to get it?

  • Car rental voucher (it may be an e-document).
  • International passport.
  • National driving license (an international license is not obligatory).
  • Lease payment (minus the prepayment sum).
  • A deposit if it is included. You’ll get it back after returning the car if there are no problems with its condition.

That is why you’d better spend several minutes for detailed examination of the vehicle even if you rent a car in Podrorica airport and, of course, you’d prefer to begin your trip at once.

At first, thoroughly inspect the vehicle and if you find any damages (even the smallest ones), tell the manager. He will note everything in the car rental agreement which will be used by you when returning the car.

If you think about sharing the car with somebody else, also note the manager, and he will add the other person’s name and details to the document. But keep in mind that only 2 drivers are allowed.

If you decided to leave Montenergo, inform the manager and he will include this item in the agreement.

Note that there is no difference between renting a car in Podgorica airport or in the company office. The procedure is the same: you sign a standardized agreement which has a unique number and is verified by special state agencies. It contains:

  • Information about the car owner and the renter (address, name, phone number).
  • All the details about the car: its type, registration and model numbers, colour etc.
  • The conditions and terms of hiring the car (for example, the period of rental agreement, the amount of rent).

This agreement gives you a right to drive the car.

If you need a perfect car at the best price – just call us, and we’ll help you by all means.

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