Rent a car in Kotor

If you want to have a really close look at incredible Montenegro, admire the beauty of its mountains and canyons, ride along the road with a view to the bay, visit small mountain villages, enjoy an unhurried walk in the streets of old towns and authentic tastes of the local cuisine, it is advisable to rent a car in Kotor and arrange yourself a solo travel trip.

Having a car, you will be able to comfortably spend your holidays, adding the most attractive places to your itinerary. You will neither need to get up early nor have to follow a tour guide in a crowd to places you don’t want to see.

Why to rent a car on our website

  • Offers from reliable local rental providers are available here. You can easily choose a car for any itinerary and any group of traveling companions.
  • Car booking online. So you won’t need to spend your precious holiday time to find an available car.
  • Low deposit. You can rent some vehicles without a deposit.
  • Transparent pricing. You understand clearly what you are paying for at the time of booking. And that price is fixed in the voucher when you make the upfront payment.
  • Client support during the entire rental period.

How to rent a car

It is easy to book a car in Kotor on our website even if you have never done it before.

  1. Select the convenient dates and cities/towns to pick up and drop off the car in the search form (you don’t need to pick up and drop off a vehicle at the same place).
  2. Select a suitable vehicle.
  3. Add the necessary additional services and insurance policies to your order.
  4. Input your data, check up the costs, and make an advance payment.

Within several minutes, you will receive an email with the attached voucher bearing all the data related to your order. Congratulations! Now you have successfully booked the car.

How to take and return a car

Your manager and the car will wait for you just at the time and place indicated by you at the booking.

You will need to have available:

  • Rental voucher (it may be in your smartphone),
  • Your passport, and
  • Driving licence.

Examine the car carefully and state all the scratches and dents in the special Appendix to the Rental Agreement.

Take pictures or video of the car from all sides. Save them, just in case.

  • Read the Rental Agreement carefully before signing it.
  • If you have added the Second Driver and/or Crossborder fee, it is necessary to remind the manager to ensure that the relevant required data is mentioned in the Rental Agreement.
  • Usually, you will need 15-20 minutes to pick up a car.
  • As a rule, it’s even easier to drop off a car than to pick it up.

Good travel in Montenegro!

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