Montenegro airports – at the present day

What do you know about Montenegro airports? Most people would say – there are two of them – in Tivat and in Podgorica. Both are controlled by one state company and accept a large number of daily flights from many countries offering tourists good service and comfortable rest.

The Podgorica airport

Now airports in Montenegro meet all modern requirements. The one in Podgorica is the biggest, it has 10 gates and is able to handle up to one million passengers annually. The new terminal, made entirely of glass and aluminum, was built in 2006. Now the building has huge panoramic windows and modern interior decoration.

During the reconstruction of the Podgorica airport a number of actions for modernization of the entire infrastructure were held. Now all systems that support the operation of the airport as a whole have become more modern and high-quality. Thanks to new equipment and well-trained stuff the procedure of passport control and baggage claim on arrival takes no more than half an hour. Today this international Montenegro airport offers flights to 12 world capitals.

There are some things that a traveler wants to find:

  • There is one in the area before passport control and one small cafe in the departures area. So you can have a snack and a cup of tea or coffee before or after the flight.
  • A Duty-Free shop to make purchases, but it is rather small.
  • A parking lot (the price is 0.60 Euro per hour).
  • A medical office, travel agencies, a teller machine, newsstands, a currency exchange office etc.

Unfortunately, the luggage packing desk doesn’t work. Check-in begins 2 hours before departure and finishes 40 minutes before it.

There is no public transport connecting the airport and the city, but you can call a municipal taxy in advance or take a private taxy at the spot (though the price may be almost twice higher). Near the airport there are several hotels of various price ranges.

The Tivat airport

This Montenegro airport is only 4 km far from the city of Tivat, that’s why those who are planning to go to the resorts of Budva Riviera and Kotor Bay prefer to have it as a destination. It is not very large, but little by little it is being expanded and reconstructed, so it becomes quite comfortable and modern.

The check-in rules are just like those in the Podgorica airport. You will find two cafes here – one in the area before passport control ant the second one in another building at the parking lot. The Duty-Free shop is very small but offers a number of goods popular with tourists. There is also a packing luggage desk (packing costs 7 Euro.). Young people will be pleased to find free Wi-Fi in the airport, though its speed is not the greatest.

The process of passport control may last from 15 to 40 minutes as it depends on the passenger traffic. If two planes arrive at the same time (it usually happens during the high season) it can be even longer. There is a bus stop near the airport. Buses to the town depart every 30 minutes. You can also take a municipal or a private taxy (which is more expensive). If you rent a car in Montenehro and you want to use a parking lot, it will cost 0.80 Euro per hour.

Keep in mind that the Tivat airport doesn’t work in the dark – it closes at 6-8 pm (after sunset) and opens at 6-8 am (at dawn).

Unfortunately, it is impossible to make online check-up in either of these airports.

The Ministry of transport of Montenegro is planning further improvements because the number of foreign tourists is constantly increasing. Perhaps, if you are going to visit this country next year, you will have a chance to appreciate them.

Enter the website if you want to know the timetable.

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