Rose Montenegro

GPS coordinates:

42.43410723772136, 18.558733932072876

Rose is a small town at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor, right across from Herceg Novi. Despite its size, it has a rich history. It was once the gateway to the Bay. Rose is mentioned by the greatest historians of antiquity. Today there are only 3 restaurants, a grocery store and no passable roads. The only pedestrian road leads along the sea. In the photos, you can see almost the entire town. Outside peak season, you do not see more than 10 people here.

But in summer, Rose comes to life! With young Serbs from Belgrade, Europeans and people in search of a pleasant holiday. Rose is instantly lovable and I think it is one of the most easygoing towns in Montenegro.

You can reach the town in two ways: by sea or by land.

By sea, there is a regular boat service with four passenger seats from Herceg Novi that departs every 2 hours. The boat crosses the Bay of Kotor in around 30 minutes. The timetable is displayed at the quays in Herceg Novi and Rose.

If you decide to go by land, take the Krasici turn after the Tivat-Kotor-Budva junction. Then take the road nearest to the sea, until you see the signs that say Rose or Fort Rose ( a restaurant in the town). They will lead you to here. Note that the road is sometimes narrow and windy. Be careful and avoid speeding!

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