Astoria Restaurant


20 - 30€ за обед


10:00 - 01:00, круглый год

GPS coordinates:

N 42.278198, W 18.837004

The Astoria restaurant has several sections

  • the ground floor restaurant in the hotel lobby
  • the rooftop restaurant
  • the terrace near the walls of old Budva.

The owners decided to make each section unique. Therefore, I will describe each section separately. The Astoria also has a small beach with a bar.

Astoria Restaurant Cuisine

Lobby restaurant. This serves Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. The Astoria sets itself apart from most other Montenegrin restaurants with its exquisite presentation. This will not surprise diners who are used to eating in Michelin starred restaurants but this is still rare in Montenegro. The cuisine is very refined and the produce is always fresh. The meals are understandably not as large as in standard restaurants, but you will not leave hungry.

Roof restaurant. This opened in 2012 but lots of people still do not know it exists. At the top of the Astoria hotel, there is an open air kitchen run by an Italian chef. The menu here features lots of seafood and the fish is always freshly caught. The outdoor cooking is also a part of the experience for diners. The chef and the location mean it is the most expensive restaurant on the Budvan Riviera. However, to my mind the food is rather mediocre. Restaurants that specialise in fish produce better food in my opinion.

The terrace near the walls of old Budva. The Astoria terrace is popular with both locals and tourists. No one with a sweet tooth can refuse one of the wonderful desserts here. Usually Montenegrin desserts are very plain, so this really sets the Astoria apart.

You can of course order any part of the menu in any part of the Astoria, hence why I recommend the roof top. Just avoid the fish dishes and have a dessert as the sun goes down.

Download menu (.pdf 2,9Mb) >>


Lobby restaurant. A small and cosy place, entrance at street level. It is spacious and tranquil.

Roof restaurant. Perhaps the most romantic place in Budva. The tables are packed when the midday heat fades, but most diners come here before sunset. From the roof of the Astoria look out over the old city, the nearby square and the sea. After sunset candles are lit on the tables so relax in the soft light and enjoy the relaxing music.

Since there are fewer than 12 tables on the roof, it is best to book in advance. +382(33)451-110. The roof section of Astoria is open from June to September, in good weather only.

Terrace near the walls of old Budva. This is a typical Montenegrin cafe with nice chairs, small coffee tables and umbrellas. At night outdoor headers between the tables provide heat and light. The cafe operates all year round, in good weather only.


The staff in sections of the Astoria are very affable and welcoming. Most speak English, many speak Russian.

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