Kamenovo Beach Montenegro


Free entrance,
€10 for beds and umbrellas


June to August,
available all year round

GPS coordinates:

N 42.275308, W 18.886528


Kamenovo beach is perhaps the best beach on the Budvan Riviera. It is wide (730 m) and flat with small pebbles and sand. There are no dips when entering the water so it suits people who visit with children The water is clear and rather warm. The best thing about it is that there are no residential areas nearby on the coast, so even in August it is not crowded.


Like the other beaches in Montenegro Kamenovo has an area with rental beds and umbrellas and a free area. There are a few restaurants and cafes here, so you can order drinks from your sun bed.

There are fresh water showers, changing rooms and safety buoys. You can rent a water trike or a speed boat. There is a small playground.

On one side of the beach (nearest to Sveti Stefan) there a restaurant called Kod Zoffa (Zoff’s). It is cosy and covered in plants. There is a small seafood restaurant and a beach with a dozen beds on rocks. The owner, a small tanned man serves the guests himself. Zoff might seem a bit off, but he is upbeat and amicable. Local fishermen are amongst the regulars. You can always order freshly caught fish here.

Kamenovo Beach Location

Near Kamenovo there is a bus stop on the Adriatic road. It is called Kamenovo. Two paths lead to the beach, you just have to aim for the sea. The path is bumpy so pushing a buggy or pram is off limits.

You can get to Kamenovo from Rafailovici along the sea on a path. Just follow the shoreline from Bečići to Sveti Stefan. You will see a pass a 300 metre lit tunnel you can walk through.

However, you will need to take the Adriatic road to get to Kamenovo from Przno and Sveti Stefan. There is no path running along the coastline.

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