Jaz Beach


Вход бесплатный,
10€ за лежак и зонтик,
2€ за парковку


июнь — сентябрь,
доступен круглый год

GPS coordinates:

N 42.2815, W 18.807135

Jaz beach summary

The Jaz beach is one of the largest in Montenegro. However, the vicinity is not built-up at all. The nearest town, Budva, is 3 km away.

Jaz beach has two sections that are each 1.7 km long. On the Budva side it is rocky, becoming pebbly and graduating to tiny pebbles. The remote side is golden sand. There are no steep dips when entering the sea, so it is ideal for children.

The beach is wide so even in August you will find a spot to sunbathe. I cannot guarantee that Jaz will never be crowded but it is less full than Budva or Bečići and the beach itself is large.

Jaz beach facilities

There are beds and umbrellas to rent on about ⅔ on the beach. The remaining part of the each is free. There are freshwater showers, toilet facilities and changing rooms. There are safety buoys in the sea. You can rent jet bikes, water trikes and kayaks. There are stands selling beach essentials, drinks and snacks in the car park. There are two or three summer restaurants serving meat, pizza, and pasta. The best one is beside a small hotel called Poseidon. It is located on the shore near the entrance from Budva. There are also a few smaller cafes. Unfortunately, there is no playground.

There is a large car park nearby since most people choose to drive here.

Getting there

You can walk here from Budva but only alongside the road. Around 1.4 km of the walk is a dusty because there is no pavement and the traffic is very heavy. It is therefore best to get a taxi (about €5 each way) or a bus (€2). The bus departs 4 times a day from a bus stop near the old part of Budva, beside the Perla cafe.

You can find apartments and villas that say they are located somewhere between 50, 100, or 500 m from Jaz beach. These places are located in Prijevor and Seoce, two small villages. They are located on a hill, 100 or 200 m above the sea level.

To get to Jaz beach, you will have to walk the along the road for 1.4 km, and the walk 900 m from the road to the beach. Do be careful choosing your apartment since there are only a few villas near Jaz.

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