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The only local ferry in Montenegro is at the Bay of Kotor, in the Verige strait, between the villages of Kamenari and Lepetane. This ferry will save you about 30km (via Kotor, Perast, and Risan) if you drive from Budva to Herceg Novi or vice versa. Otherwise, the journey by road takes about 40-45 minutes.

The distance from coast to coast is about 300m. The ferry crosses the strait in ten minutes. There are four ferries operating at the ferry line, each accepting 50 cars, and another one that accepts 70 cars. On weekdays, especially during the peak season, ferries depart as soon as they are full. During the rest of the time, a half-empty ferry will wait for 15 minutes before leaving. The ferry is quite efficient and operates with no delays. The only place that you can waste time is in the queue for the ferry which there often is during the peak summer season. Even so you will not have to queue for more than 30-40 minutes.

Note that the lanes split at the drive to the ferry (mind the road markings): One lane goes to the ferry (and says ‘FERRY’), while the other continues along the coast (‘KOTOR’). It was organised in such a way so if there is a traffic jam near the ferry, people driving along the coast can avoid it. Always pay attention to your lane at the pier: There are lanes for lighter vehicles (‘SMALL car’) or trucks and buses (‘TRUCK and bus’).

You can buy tickets at the pier stand before entering the ferry. At the stand, you get a receipt and a ticket. Give the ticket to the collector at the ferry drive-in. He will take the stub and name your lot at the ferry.

Montenegro ferry schedule:

Ferries in Montenegro depart continuously during the daytime (05:00 – 00:00).
At night (00:00 – 05:00), during the tourist season (May to October) the ferries also run continuously, and the schedule for the rest of the year is as follows:

  • From Kamenari (near Herceg Novi) – 00:00, 01:00, 02:00, 03:00, 04:00
  • From Lepetane (near Tivat) – 00:30, 01:30, 02:30, 03:30, 04:30.

Transfer fee at the Bay of Kotor:

  • Passengers – free
  • scooter, motorcycle – €2
  • car – €5
  • car with a caravan, minivan (7 to 20 places) – €9

Fees for larger vehicles 

  • truck up to 5 tons – 9 €
  • truck up to 5 tons with a trailer, minivan with a trailer, truck more than 5 tons – 12 €
  • bus – 14,5 €
  • bus with a trailer, heavy truck (18-wheeler) – 21 €
  • oversize vehicles – 25 €

You can pay by a card or in cash.

There are bus stops near the ferry piers on both sides. Passengers arrive by a bus, take the ferry free of charge and continue their travel in another bus which is quite convenient.

Detailed description of international ferry lines from Bar. Including the Bar-Bari-Bar ferry to Italy.

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    Thank you guys for the detailed information, great support for travelers!

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    We went by ferry twice and it was always possible to pay by card, without problems. We traveled by car.

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    THEY ONLY TAKE EURO AND IN CASH! Nothing else, no cards. We made this mistake and had to go to to town to get an ATM

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