5 Reasons to Rent a Car in Montenegro

You save on sightseeing tours

In average, a sightseeing tour in Montenegro will cost about €25-30 per person. Car rental prices start at €17 per day. Average car accommodates up to 5 people. That’s why traveling around Montenegro on a rented car is much less expensive than taking sightseeing tours.
Moreover, you plan the trip yourself and will be able to visit places not frequented by lots of tourists.

You save on accommodation

An apartment by the sea will cost you twice in comparison to a remote hotel room. Meanwhile, living by the sea always means lots of people and noise. If you rent a car, suitable hotel options will include remote and quiet locations farther from the coast. Also, there are lots of hotels on the mountain side, where the sea view is truly spectacular.

You save on taxis

A taxi from the Tivat airport will cost you €20-50, depending on the place of your stay. From Podgorica, it’s €40+. That’s much more than a day of rent even for a smaller car. Moreover, when you rent a car, it’s at your own disposal, unlike a taxi. Also, rental car can be delivered to the airport for free.

You’re free to roam around

Lonely beaches, exquisite restaurants, evening walks along the sea in different towns, beautiful sights at the most remote corners of the country. All of that is available if you rent a car for your stay. Any trip won’t take longer that 20 to 40 minutes, because Montenegro has no distances larger than that.

Costs are always low

You can rent a car from us at the same prices you’d get at the rental company office. There are no agent’s fees or surprise payments. Moreover, you can rent a car and receive an early booking discount.

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