Montenegro Weather

The weather in Montenegro is rather changeable. In spring and autumn, the weather at the resorts is very unpredictable. The coast is jagged with coves and bays and there are large mountain ranges along the shore. Such terrain creates ‘traps’ for rain clouds. For example, rainy weather in Budva does not mean the weather will be the same in Bečići.

The climate in Montenegro is largely defined by the wind. Different climate zones meet here, so winds are not uncommon. Air streams carry the clouds in unpredictable directions. Some clouds gather at foothills and rain there, while the sun shines and people sunbath at a nearby bay.

Here you can find one of the most accurate weather forecasts for Montenegro. We also have climate charts with average water and air temperatures (for coastal cities) at the most popular resorts. The charts show average temperature in winter and summer, May or September. They are based on long-term weather observations.

Temperature in Montenegro – diagrams

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