Two days trip to Bosnia from Montenegro

In my opinion, traveling to Bosnia and Herzegovina from Montenegro is one of the best options for a short trip you could choose. Perhaps, you have seen reviews saying that Bosnia is boring and the tours are unimaginative. I should say that I had also once believed this. I believe this only to be the case when you go there on a bus tour or a 1-day stop.

I will try to debunk the myth and make your trip here one of the most memorable of your visit.



There are two larger border crossing points on the road to Bosnia and Herzegovina from Montenegro. The southern one is located on the road from Herceg Novi to Trebinje. The northern one, on the road from Nikšić to Sarajevo. I would recommend choosing the southern one, because there it is much easier to get a voucher, which you will need to enter the country. If you rented a car in Montenegro, all the papers should be presented in their original form (no copies) and you must have international insurance (‘zelena karta’ or green card). As a rule, the card will be issued with each car that you rent.


Day 1

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  • Hi Can you buy a green card on the southern border with Bosnia / Montenegro if you are driving your own vehicle ?

    • Hello! We are a company specializing only in car rental without a driver. To get such information you need to contact the appropriate institutions.

  • Hello, how easy is it to cross the border from Bosnia to Montenegro with a rental car?
    Is there a fee for crossing the border? Etc.

    • Hello! To cross the border on rented car you would need special insurance – Green Card (just add this option to your booking or our web).

  • Thank you so much! This information jas helped us so much in our trip!

  • Thank you for the valuable information. Visiting Bosnia, Herzegovina and Montenegro is on my bucket list.