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Actually, the country isn’t called ‘Montenegro‘. Locals call it Crna Gora. In Europe it’s known as Montenegro, that translates from Italian as Black Mountain. Most other languages use the same translation (Μαυροβούνιο, Karadağ etc.).

But whichever option you used for your search, here I will share with you everything I know about this country.

Montenegro is the best place to travel by car during your holidays! Rental price is low, so you can easily rent a car, plan and make a personal trip around Montenegro. I’ll share the most interesting places of the country, give hints on trip planning, and provide recommendations to avoid any issues, so you can spend a perfect and unmarred time here.

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Places of Montenegro
Here I describe the most interesting places of the country: Cities, towns, rivers, waterfalls, sights, castles and fortresses etc. Every article in this section has a map, description and photo gallery of its subject. Below there’s a feedback form where you can leave a review of your own visit or ask a question.
Routes of Montenegro
Of course, anyone can travel the country as he or she pleases. To make your planning easier, I’ve sketched a few time-saving but entertaining routes. Each description has a photo gallery, details, map, length and time.
The reference guide contains articles on all aspects of car travel in Montenegro: dealing with the police, traffic laws, tunnels, ferries, distances, prices, etc.
Here you can ask a question about Montenegro, and I’ll try to give the best answer I can.
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