Two capitals: Cetinje and Podgorica

If you decide to visit the essential sights of Montenegro within a day, this is the route for you. In Cetinje, the ancient capital of Montenegro, you will find many museums and Christian relics and in Podgorica, the economic heart of the country, you will experience the country’s largest city, or take a break and enjoy the nature at the shores of Lake Skadar.

This route also includes many places of interest you can visit in case you still have spare time left.



Как видите, маршрут большой. Зная все дороги и повороты, я проезжаю его без длительных остановок за 10 часов. С паузами и отдыхом у новичка меньше 12 часов вряд ли получится. Поэтому выезжать лучше пораньше, часов в 5-6 утра.



Climbing the serpentine road from Budva, with each turn you will see more and more of the Budvan riviera. There are many stops at the road, where you can stop and take a few pictures. The best view is from the last one. It has a special mark on the map.

Right after that, you’ll notice the Kosmac fortress on top of the adjacent mountain on the right. A brown road sign leads to it. It’s hard to drive directly there, but it is no more than a 10 minute walk.

Going further, up to Cetinje the road is quite good.

In Cetinje, you can visit various museums, the monastery, or take a walk around the streets and the park. Consider visiting the Vinoteka restaurant across the road from the People’s museum. It has good country cuisine and cosy atmosphere.

Do not travel to Cetinje in rainy weather. Rain clouds settle on the roads and the visibility drops dramatically. It is especially dangerous at night.

After Cetinje, the road goes to Podgorica. On the way you can visit an old town of Rijeka Crnoeviča, and take a bird’s eye view photo of the river.

In Podgorica, you will be able to visit the country’s largest church, the church of the Resurrection, cross the Millennium bridge, put flowers to the monuments of Pushkin and Vysotsky, and take a walk along the streets of the country’s largest city. The largest and the most popular shopping centres are also found here: Delta City at the city entrance from Cetinje, and Mall of Montenegro at the entrance from Lake Skadar. The city’s most fancy restaurant, Carina, is located in the centre, on Revolution Square where the dancing fountain is.

After Podgorica, the road leads to Lake Skadar. Here you can visit the cave monastery of Dajbabe, which displays the remains of its founder as a relic, and visit the Niagara waterfall. There is a fine country-style restaurant near the waterfall. If you decide to take a break at Lake Skadar, you can visit the Plavnicaeco resort or choose the small town of Virpazar. In both places, you can rent a boat and take a ride across the lake. Both have fine cuisine too. But Plavnica is aimed at more selective guests, while Virpazar is full of rural country splendour.

After Lake Skadar, you can go back to the Adriatic coast in two ways: via the Sozina tunnel or via the mountain pass. The tunnel is quicker, but the mountain pass has unrivaled views of valleys, Lake Skadar and sea coast.

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