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Wild Beaches in Montenegro

We’ve said a lot about Montenegro beaches. Though the country isn’t a beach resort, there are many good beaches. But the main issue with beaches throughout the whole Adriatic region, not only Montenegro, is the summer overflow of visitors. Even larger beaches at Bečići, Budva, Bar, and Velika Plaza are tightly packed in July and August.


I will tell you how you can avoid crowds and find a spot on the shore, and maybe even achieve the solitude you might desire. As a rule, such places are very beautiful and naturalistic. I can’t say that such beaches are entirely ‘wild’. Locals are everywhere, and even a hidden cove will have a paid parking lot (typically €2-5 per day), a cafe or a food stand, and even a few paid beds and umbrellas. But it’s for the best.

Пляжи Черногории

Natural shoreline in Montenegro is covered in stones and rocks. Sand and pebbles are imported. That’s why all wild beaches in Montenegro are covered in large pebbles, stones, or rocks. Therefore, beach shoes (rubber slippers or Crocs-like shoes) are necessary.


Veslo Beach

plaza Veslo

Let’s start from the top of the map. Veslo beach is accessed by a narrow asphalted driveway. It ends in a beautiful olive grove, where all visitors park their cars. Sometimes at this improvised parking you can meet a local fellow who collects parking fee. Considering that any land in Montenegro is private, just payment is due, at least theoretically. It’s easier not to argue and just pay the fee. As a rule, the fee is per day and doesn’t exceed a few euros.

The beach itself is a tiny cove. The shores are lined with jagged, but beautiful rocks. The cove is located at the sea side of protruding shore line. The sea view is unmarred. In the distance, you can often see white yachts and sails.

Water access

Veslo plyazhi Chernogorii

The access is small and covered in large pebbles. It gets deep almost immediately. Most swimmers simply dive from small rocks.


There are no beds or umbrellas. Everyone stays on their own mats or blankets. Note that the rocks at Veslo beach are literally sharp. That’s why you’ll be able to sit or recline on thick bedding only. Beach shoes are a must.


Veslo beach has a cafe that operates from mid-June till August. There are no bathrooms, shops, dressing rooms or showers. Take everything you need with you.

Žukovica Beach

Zukovica plaza

Perhaps it’s the most inaccessible beach mentioned here. The last 5 km of the road are beat-down gravel. That’s why you need a suitable vehicle to approach here. Regular cars can get stuck or scratch the floor and bumpers. This place is unique in that there is no electricity or mobile access. Total detachment. Locals use sun batteries or power generators.

Water access

Sea access is rocky. There are a couple concrete slabs with stairs. The shore is rather flat, but it gets deep in the distance.


There are 15-20 beds and umbrellas at the beach and the concrete póntas. Dressing room is available. Bathroom can be found in cafes nearby. No shower.


The beach is located near a village of a couple dozen houses. There you can find a restaurant and two cafes. Also, there’s a coastal pathway that walks you to a lighthouse. When I came there for the first time, I felt like I’m at the world’s end.
By the way, there’s mobile access at the lighthouse.

Crvena Glavica Beach

Crvena Glaviza beach

The road starts from Sveti Stefan. That’s why you can get there even without a car, by taking a bus and walking for half an hour. The road to the beach goes through an olive grove with a camping site. You’ll see a boom gate there. If it’s closed, tell the guard that you’re going to the beach, so he’ll let you in (probably for free).

The road is narrow, but asphalted. The closer to the beach, the harder it will be to avoid oncoming cars, and the road will get worse. If you’re uneasy at the wheel, park your car at the camping and walk.

The beach is sometimes considered nude, but not because it’s popular in this capacity: rather it’s usually empty so you can do as you please.

Дикие пляжи Черногории

Water access

Sea access is covered in stones and rocks. After that — the beauty of the open sea. The shore is rocky, but flat.


Most of the time there are none. During the peak season, there are 5-10 beds, umbrellas and a small beach bar.


Also, there’s a cafe. When it’s closed, you can use its canopy for an improvised picnic.

Drobni Pijesak Beach

Пляж Дробни Пиесак Черногория

Calling this beach ‘wild’ will be an exaggeration. Though it’s far from populated areas and the road is anything but simple, during the peak season there’s a lot of visitors too, and the parking is packed.

Still, in May, June, and September it’s a half-empty, spacious beach that can be definitely recommended.

The parking is below a steep drive to the beach. It isn’t free, and in June/August the fee is collected per hour. If you want to save a few euros or avoid the steep road, better park above, near the highway. There’s a spot for that. A walk to the beach takes about 10 minutes.



Water access

Дикие пляжи Черногории

The name of the beach translates as ‘fine sand’. Well, it might be called fine, but only in comparison with large pebbles. Despite that, the beach is covered in small pebbles, the sea access is shallow and flat. That’s why the Drobni Pijesak beach is suitable even for children.


There’s a lot of beds and umbrellas, the beach has dressing rooms, bathrooms and showers. Basically, anything a beach needs.


There’s also a restaurant and a cafe. Here you can buy ice cream, soda, and regular beach necessities (floats, shoes, balls, umbrellas etc.).

Perazica Do Beach

Пляжи Черногории

That’s where I come myself during the summer. The beach is located near a small settlement. It’s rather picturesque, wide and lonely. The only disadvantage is that a good third of the beach is taken by a long-frozen building site. The operation was halted long ago, but the view is spoiled nonetheless. As for the rest, the beach is great.

You won’t be able to drive there. The parking is at the center of the settlement, and then you should walk long stairs. If you have a stroller, that can be difficult.

Дикие пляжи Черногории

Water access

The shore and the sea floor are covered in pebbles small and large. The sea access is flat.


There are about a dozen beds and umbrellas. Other amenities are missing.


Nearby there’s a small restaurant.

Besides, apartments and villas can be rented in the settlement. Also, there’s a private hotel called Dusanova Kula — anything you can dream of. If you appreciate fine leisure time in silence, comfort, and solitude, I’ll tell you — it’s the best hotel in Montenegro.
If you decide to stay here, it’s best to rent a car just in case to visit a town, go sightseeing, or just compare the beaches. The car can be delivered here. Just name Reževići as the destination. That’s the name of the upper part of the settlement.


Now it’s obvious, wild beaches are hardly suitable for children. Kids need flat shore, sand or smaller pebbles. Only the ‘developed’ beaches have all these. But if you’re staying as adults only, the choice is yours.



  1. Hi, is there a nudist beach in Montenegro?

    • Hi, the only nudist beach I know in Montenegro is in Ada Boyana.

  2. Hi, thank you for gathering and publishing this precious info, which beach would you recommend in August? I know it’s not going to be empty, but which one would have the least tourists? Thanks!

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