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Рельефная карта Черногории
Topographic map of Montenegro coastline Essentially, it is a graphical representation of a real miniature model of Montenegro, created by Austrian cartographers in the beginning of the XX century. which currently resides in Cetinje near the monastery. This coastal map of Montenegro was created at the beginning of the tourism era and remains the most popular so far. View it here in fine detail.
Карта Черногории
Дорожная карта Черногории
Detailed road map of Montenegro. The map is based on ‘MONTENEGRO road map’, published by Intersistem (Serbia) in 2009. This detailed map of Montenegro is available at any news stand or petrol station in the country. Currently, it is the most detailed and accurate map of Montenegro. However it still has a few flaws and issues. For example, local minor roads (marked in white) sometimes deviate from the map or simply do not exist. Relying on the only the map can be risky.I try to fix such inconsistencies as I find them. The most attention is given to roads on the coastline. So far this map is the most detailed and precise one I have found. If anything better appears, you will find it here. Change list:
– added map square navigation;
– added foreign city names at road border crossings;
– C6, many corrections in roads leading from the coastline road to nearby hills and details of the hill country;
– C6, switched the Cetinje – Njegusi – Kotor road from road to local;
– C6, deleted the Utrk – Denasi road;
– D6, deleted the Smokovci – D.Selo road;
– B5, switched the Risan – Grahovo – Vilusi road from regional to road;
– B7, changed the Mrkovi – Lustica road from local (yellow) to local minor (white);
– B7, changed the Bigovo – Glavaticici road from local (yellow) to local minor (white);
– D5, changed the Mijokusovici – Ostrog (monastery) road from local (yellow) to local minor (white);
– D5, added a distance mark from road (Cerovo) to Ostrog (monastery);
– D3, corrected the location of ski resort and its passway near Zabljak;
– F4, added a distance mark from Kolasin to ski resort;
– F5, added a mark of the new Prokletije national park (since 2010).
Last update: 02.01.2012.If you notice any discrepancies or errors, please notify me via the feedback form, so I can make changes in the next update.
навигаторы и карты Черногории
 iGo8.3 / iGO Amigo / iGO Primo navigator maps
Newest and most detailed maps of Montenegro and nearby countries. Suitable for Windows Mobile and Android devices.File names include country names, iGo version, designation of the map maker, map publication time and a control number. Sometimes you can see designations of additional features (truck info, 3D junctions etc.) in parentheses. The map gets its name when officially published.
Montenegro_83_NQ_2013.Q1_130529.fbl (1.2 Mb)
Serbia_83_NQ_2013.Q1_130529.fbl (7.0 Mb)
Croatia_83_NQ_2013.Q1_130530.fbl (16.2 Mb)
Bosnia_Herzegovina_83_NQ_2013.Q1_130529.fbl (5.7 Mb)
Albania_83_NQ_2013.Q1_130529.fbl (3.4 Mb)
карта для навигаторая igo
 iGo8.0 navigator maps
Newest maps of Montenegro and nearby countries. Suitable for Windows Mobile and Android devices.Every archive contains 3D junctions and main attractions, the map itself and main points of interests (POI). Copy the archived folders’ content to the corresponding folders of the navigator.File names include country names, iGo version, designation of the map maker (TA – TeleAtlas), publication time and a control number.Montenegro8Contrast_2010.07_100923.zip (617 Kb)
Serbia8Contrast_2010.07_100914.zip (7.75 Mb)
Bosnia_and_Herzegovina_R1_Navigo_2010.10_110105.zip (5.83 Mb)
Albania8TM_2010.07_100914.zip (453 Kb)
Карты для Garmin по Черногории
 Garmin navigator map. Map of Montenegro and Serbia.
Details 331 cities (12 of which are in Montenegro) down to street level. The remaining population centers are marked with contours or dots. In 43 cities and towns it shows wrong turns, one-way streets and detailed routing info. Such details for Montenegro are available only in Podgorica and Nikšić.Speed limits on highways, complex junctions are also detailed.The map contains about 19,500 POI: hotels, restaurants, gas stations, attractions, monasteries, convents, etc.FID: 929. Date of publication: 25.02.2011
GARMIN-SCG-Route-2.40-NT.zip (91.4 Mb)
Карты для Navitel по Черногории
 Navitel navigator maps
Map of Balkan countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia) as of 2013.
Balkany_2013_Q1.nm7 (241 Mb)
Map of Montenegro and Serbia. Converted, optimized and compiled based on Bulgaria&Balkans BulMaps Navigation routing map v2.8 NT (24.02.2011).Details the following cities and towns: Podgorica, Tivat, Budva, Cetinje, Belgrad and Novi Sad.For optimal performance, disable all POIs after map installation.Suitable for Windows Mobile and Android devices.
Navitel_Montenegro-Serbia.zip (5.6 Mb)

Torrent link and additional map info can be found here.

Maps of Montenegro for navigator applications are provided for informational purposes only. By downloading the maps from this website, you confirm that you will delete them after necessary familiarisation.
These rare maps are published on a Russian-language website for the first time.
For convenience, the keys are already translated.
Карты Черногории
Map of Austrian fortresses in the Bay of Kotor. Created by Austro-Hungarian military at the beginning of the XX century. Key:
– Reinforced fortress
– Permanent fort, fortified walls, blockhouse
– Metal barriers (supposedly, the inscription is illegible).
Most objects marked have survived until the present day. About 15% are still used for military purposes.
P.S. Red mark (Gorazda fortress) fortress) is unrelated, because it was added later.
Карты Черногории
Coastal defenses map of the Bay of Kotor. This map is reprinted from an earlier map by Austro-Hungarians. Legend:
– Mine fields prior to the First World War
– Minefields laid during the war
– Protective cables
– Fortifications. Lines between fortifications denote safe routes around minefields.

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