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Ognjište Restaurant

Cuisine The Ognjište restaurant near Podgorica is one of the few places to offer an authentic ispod saca roast. This staple dish for Montenegrins consists of slow roasted meat and vegetables cooked on hot coal for several hours. They serve veal, lamb and turkey ispod saca, which is less commonplace. I recommend the turkey, my friends have never refused a […]


Ambient Restaurant


  Cuisine The Ambient restaurant in Tivat is often called a pizzeria, as it serves pizza, pasta, salads, and only a small selection of meat. However, the food is restaurant quality. Serving fine Italian cuisine, with many options to choose from, a great chef and a choice of good wines. The food arrives quickly. Interior This is an inviting place […]


Astoria Restaurant

Ресторан на крыше

    The Astoria restaurant has several sections The owners decided to make each section unique. Therefore, I will describe each section separately. The Astoria also has a small beach with a bar. Cuisine Lobby restaurant. This serves Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. The Astoria sets itself apart from most other Montenegrin restaurants with its exquisite presentation. This will not surprise […]


Pivnica Restaurant

Cuisine This restaurant is known in Budva for its Montenegrin and Italian cuisine. I would just recommend the Montenegrin cuisine, especially given this is a classic Montenegrin restaurant. The portions are large, the food tasty and the presentation good. If you prefer meat, just be aware, that the portions are really large. There is a good choice of wines and […]



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