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Kamenovo Beach

Summary Kamenovo beach is perhaps the best beach on the Budvan Riviera. It is wide (730 m) and flat with small pebbles and sand. There are no dips when entering the water so it suits people who visit with children The water is clear and rather warm. The best thing about it is that there are no residential areas nearby […]


Pivnica Restaurant

Cuisine This restaurant is known in Budva for its Montenegrin and Italian cuisine. I would just recommend the Montenegrin cuisine, especially given this is a classic Montenegrin restaurant. The portions are large, the food tasty and the presentation good. If you prefer meat, just be aware, that the portions are really large. There is a good choice of wines and […]



Фото города Бар

Bar is a quiet and relaxed seaside town with wide streets, a quay, beaches, palms, small streets, a large port and a few boutiques selling with Italian (or Chinese) goods. I think most visitors to Bar would probably agree with this description. It does not compare to Kotor or Ulcinj in terms of things to do but is still well […]


Kolašin Ski Resort

Montenegro is known worldwide for its summer leisure activities, sea, beaches and sun. However, Russian-speaking tourists have yet to discover it as a skiing destination. Montenegro in winter is also pleasant will please skiing fans. Kolašin is one of two ski resorts in Montenegro. It is the best maintained of the two. The slopes are located in 8.5 km from […]




Kotor is sometimes called the capital of the Bay of Kotor for a number of reasons. Firstly, because is one of the largest towns here. Secondly, because it defined the fortunes of the entire region for a long time. Thirdly, because it is probably the most interesting and beautiful town in the Bay. The narrow streets, stone paving, ancient temples […]


Velika Plaža Beach

Velika Plaza (Велика Плажа)

Beaches make up almost 70 km of Montenegro’s coastline. The coast itself is mostly rocky so the beaches are found in bays amongst the hills. Most beaches in Montenegro pebbly. For the most part the pebbles are rather small (locals call it ‘stony sand’). Some are just a rocky shore with walkways or stairs. Only a few beaches are sandy. […]


Budva Resort


Budva is the tourist capital of Montenegro. There are more and more tourists every year and many are Russian-speaking. Large hotels, villas and apartments make up nearly the entire city. All the beaches here are crowded during the summer. In August it is almost impossible to find and rent a room, let alone an apartment. There are important and useful […]


Rijeka Crnoeviča

Река Црноевича Скадарское

Situated in the foothills of lush mountains, on the bank of a small river, is a small town of Rijeka Crnoeviča with a current population of approximately 150 people. Most of them work in Podgorica, Cetinje or at the seaside. The town has almost no infrastructure or facilities. If it were not for the tourists, it would cease to be […]



Прчань Котор (43)

The Bay of Kotor is the shining star of Montenegro. A huge number of books and works of art were inspired by it. Guidebooks for the most popular locations in the Bay of Kotor are available in abundance. However, the small intimate town of Prčanj is almost always missing from them. I find it hard to understand why since the […]


Niagara Waterfall

Niagara Podgorica

One of the most beautiful and accessible waterfalls in Montenegro is located near Podgorica, at the Cijevna river. The river itself flows from the Prokletije mountains near the Albanian border. When the snow on mountain tops melts in the spring, the river is swollen with water and flows beside endless vineyards and fields into the Morača river and Lake Skadar. […]



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