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Jaz Beach

  Summary The Jaz beach is one of the largest in Montenegro. However, the vicinity is not built-up at all. The nearest town, Budva, is 3 km away. Jaz beach has two sections that are each 1.7 km long. On the Budva side it is rocky, becoming pebbly and graduating to tiny pebbles. The remote side is golden sand. There […]


Kamenovo Beach

Summary Kamenovo beach is perhaps the best beach on the Budvan Riviera. It is wide (730 m) and flat with small pebbles and sand. There are no dips when entering the water so it suits people who visit with children The water is clear and rather warm. The best thing about it is that there are no residential areas nearby […]


Velika Plaža Beach

Velika Plaza (Велика Плажа)

Beaches make up almost 70 km of Montenegro’s coastline. The coast itself is mostly rocky so the beaches are found in bays amongst the hills. Most beaches in Montenegro pebbly. For the most part the pebbles are rather small (locals call it ‘stony sand’). Some are just a rocky shore with walkways or stairs. Only a few beaches are sandy. […]



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