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Регион: Бар-Улцинь


Фото города Бар

Bar is a quiet and relaxed seaside town with wide streets, a quay, beaches, palms, small streets, a large port and a few boutiques selling with Italian (or Chinese) goods. I think most visitors to Bar would probably agree with this description. It does not compare to Kotor or Ulcinj in terms of things to do but is still well […]


Velika Plaža Beach

Velika Plaza (Велика Плажа)

Beaches make up almost 70 km of Montenegro’s coastline. The coast itself is mostly rocky so the beaches are found in bays amongst the hills. Most beaches in Montenegro pebbly. For the most part the pebbles are rather small (locals call it ‘stony sand’). Some are just a rocky shore with walkways or stairs. Only a few beaches are sandy. […]



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