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Полиция Черногории

Law enforcement in Montenegro

Montenegro has great respect for its police officers and with good reason. Firstly, police on patrol are only interested in pursuing dangerous violations that could lead to an accident. For this reason there are police patrols in cities and towns, hazardous road sections and bridges, but they rarely enforce speed limits on straight roads outside of populated areas.

Secondly, Montenegrin police will stop you in three instances: a traffic violation, search and capture of a perpetrator (the police will inspect your car and passengers referring to a photo or a description), and during the holiday period (when people drink and drive most often, which is severely punished). The latter two will not last longer than a couple of minutes.

Thirdly, if there has been a traffic violation, you are most likely to receive a fine. Avoiding ‘on the spot’ is possible only in a minor violation: DRL turned off, insignificant speeding etc. In this case, 20-30 euros and a display of regret will usually be enough. in the case of a severe violation, they will use the full arm of the law.


law enforcement in montenegro

Map of police checkpoints.
There are no stationary police checkpoints in Montenegro. They control the traffic with their mobile patrols. Below you will find a map of most probable police stops on roads of Montenegro. Click any symbol to see the details.

The information can be updated, that is why the map is edited frequently.

If you know a spot that is missing from the map, leave a comment.


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